Friday, 5 February 2010

Character Design: Ursus Arctos

Age: Nine years old
Height: 6"8
Build: Ursus is reasonably well-built owed greatly to the fact that he is descended from the Ultian race, renowned for their powerful bodies and formidable battle skills.

Family: Ursus, and his two brothers were raised by their mother in the caves of the Malisa region. Ursus left home at the age of four to travel the world, desperate to live up to the image of his deceased father, Shea-Kai, a famed legend among the Ultians. Additionally, Ursus deems his partner and long-time comrade, Tyron Rezev, a brother to him.

Likes: Ursus is vegetarian which is in stark contrast to the rest of his clan. Despite being teased frequently, he enjoys eating fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts and grains. Additionally, Ursus enjoys playing his pan flute, which helps to keep him relaxed at times when his severely bad temper begins to flare.

Dislikes: Ursus loathes unnecessary fighting, which proves unfortunate given that his journey is plagued by harassing and evil characters. Whenever Ursus exposes his reluctance to fight, his possible assailants view this as a sign of weakness and press harder for a fight. Ursus is, in actual fact, a fairly accomplished fighter but believes in resolving petty conflicts through discussion, as opposed to a fight to the death.

Attitude (in a phrase): “I will become a great warrior, just like my father.”

Quotes: "I‘m certain we can talk this over, man to…bear.”; "If we proceed, there will be no stopping me… Are you sure this is what you want?”

Character: Ursus was raised by his mother, Collaris, in the caves of the Malisa region, just outside Telmil City. His father, Shea-Kai, was a legend among his race, but he died in battle before Ursus was born. Growing up, Ursus heard many exciting tales about his father, and felt a burning desire to become a great warrior too. Throughout the years, Ursus maintained a healthy way of life and kept fit, often wandering far from their home into the Achara mountain range.

His adventurous nature could not be contained for very long and by the age of four, the age of maturity in Ultians, he had left home. Early in his travels, Ursus met up with Tyron Rezev, a puckish character who soon became Ursus’ best friend. Tyron introduced Ursus to his clan, named Abbadon Clan, of which he was the leader and which consisted of his friends and relatives. Ursus has now been travelling with Abaddon Clan for five years, and has risen towards the top of the hierarchy, being viewed as a “second-in-command.”

However, their generally peaceful and fun existence looks to be coming to an end, as the humans of their world, Yisedia, have begun waging war and claiming new territories. Abaddon Clan must now join in the desperate struggle, not only to live in peace, but to save Yisedia from the destructive and unrelenting force of the humans.

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