Saturday, 6 February 2010

Character Design: General Alfred Ziegfried

Also Known As: General of the Vargosian Army
Age: Twenty-six years old
Height: 6"3
Build: Ziegfried is a fairly well-build, athletic and healthy young warrior, which is seemingly a necessity given that he is considered to be the most powerful warrior in the world of Viedania. He is a combatant of great strength, though his true skills lie with his blade, the "Ramis.” Ziegfried trains strenuously on the Andon Plains, which lie outside Zeppelin City, for three hours each and every morning.

Family: Ziegfried was raised under the watchful eye of King Slyvius, reigning monarch of the Vargosian Kingdom. Originally, Ziegfried lived in the city of Perce with his mother and father, until it was raided by the Vargosian Army when he was just a baby. His parents were killed in the attack and he was taken in by Slyvius, who could sense there was something special about the lad. Ziegfried was raised to believe that his biological parents had been murdered in an invasion by the opposing Kingdom of Sabin.

Due to the harsh upbringing that he endured as a child, Ziegfried has grown into a cold and unemotional young man who takes pleasure in killing mercilessly and lives for the sheer ecstasy that he experiences during battle.

Dislikes: Due to the lies he has been fed by King Slyvius, Ziegfried has a great hatred for the people of the Sabin Kingdom.

Attitude (in a phrase): "I will not allow you to live.”

Quotes: "So be it, you shall receive no mercy."; "You will not stand in the way of destiny."

Character: Ziegfried is widely considered to be the most powerful and certainly most accomplished swordsman in the world of Viedania. When he was only a young boy, Ziegfried was continuously pushed by his adoptive father, King Slyvius, to train and to practice his sword skills. Eventually, Ziegfried developed into a merciless killer and the exhausting training became almost a form of pleasure and release. He was appointed the General of the Vargosian Army at the youthful age of fifteen, demonstrating just how powerful the boy had already become.

Thus far, Ziegfried has been unable to find any warrior who can rival his abilities and all challengers he has faced have ultimately been slain. Ziegfried played a large part in the invasion and subsequent destruction of the Summoner Islands, where he and his forces had been ordered to retrieve the Artemis Crystal from the Visante (High Summoners) Palace. However, this apparent “betrayal of the world” has not been well received by the Sabin Kingdom and a war to end all wars looks certain to arise.

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