Friday, 15 June 2012

"Dog Daze" Title Card

Another design for the title cards of the episode. I am pretty happy with this one, and will most likely use it.

EDIT: I have uploaded the final title card in order to provide a better comparison.

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Grumpy Gary in Dog Daze: Planning

This image is a rough sketch of how the title card may look. The title "Dog Daze" is one that may change at a later point.

This is a rough sketch for the background of Gary's living room, where the episode will begin.

This sketch is for the establishing shot of Gary's house.

This sketch is of Gary, looking in a fairly bad condition. I may or may not use this in the episode. If I choose to use this shot, I will probably tone it down a little as it is quite graphic.

Grumpy Gary in Come Fly with Me

I created this 2D animation  created for my final project at university. I enjoyed working with this character very much, leading me to the decision to create more animations with Gary.

The animation took around 12 weeks to complete, although this time was also taken up by other modules within the course. However, after leaving university, I am finally able to focus more upon creating cartoons that I enjoy and that I'm passionate about.