Thursday, 25 February 2010

Character Design: Diablos, Goblin King.

So here we have Diablos, the Goblin King. He is actually a character that I thought of when I was really young. He was inspired by my Hobgoblin (of Spiderman fame) action figure, which I used to play out Diablos' stories...

Alter ego:
Randal Natos
Age: Seventeen years old
Height: 5"6
Build: Randal was always quite frail in high school, a fact that was always picked upon by Scott Rai. However, since initiating the lab explosion and becoming Diablos, he has gained an unbelievably muscular physique.

Family: Randal lived with his parents in Witherbrook Manor in the west side of the city. His father is Randolph Natos, current mayor of the city and his mother, Evelyn Natos, is a successful businesswoman. Randal would have attended a private school if his parents had had their way, but he was a very boisterous child and insisted upon public school.

Likes: Randal is a brilliant English student and as a result enjoys reading. When he transforms into Diablos, he also gains incredible strength which, when coupled with his remarkable mind, makes him very dangerous.

Dislikes: Randal bears a deep hatred towards Gordon Grayson ands his friends. This is owed mainly to the fact that he is not as popular with others as they are and he is often the topic of ridicule.

Attitude (in a phrase): "I would do anything to get rid of Gordon and his horrible little group.”

Quotes: "Mwahaahahaha, try to stop me now Grayson.”; “Randal died in the lab that day…I am Diablos, Goblin King!!”

Story: Randal was constantly teased as a child owing to the fact that his father, Randolph Natos, is mayor of the city. However, he coped with this and continued his studies and soon became a very learned young student. The final string of Randal’s sanity was shattered soon after he fell in love with Sara Smith, the most beautiful girl in high school.

Initially, he admired her from afar until he finally summoned the courage to make his move. However, Randall was horrified and heartbroken to discover that Gordon Grayson was already dating her. This enraged Randal, feeling as though he had been robbed of what was his, and he initiated a lab explosion intending to kill Gordon, Sara and the rest of their friends.

However, Randal greatly underestimated the sheer power of the blast and was caught directly in it radius, shifting his appearance to that of a ‘goblin.’

Now, with wicked new powers at his disposal, Diablos seeks to unleash his anger upon the city, which he somehow blames for his horrid appearance. His rivalry with Gordon and the others has just intensified…

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