Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Gary & Freddy Character Sheets.

These character sheets are for two characters created for my recent animation, entitled "Come Fly with Me." I tried to keep these characters as simple as I possibly could, in order to make the animation process easier.

Stills From "Dream a Dream"

These stills have been taken from the animation entitled "Dream a Dream" which I created for a character animation module at university. I will upload the completed animation to the blog soon.

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Character Designs: Freddy the Fly

These are several of the designs that I came up with when creating the final look for the "Freddy the Fly" character. I eventually decided to settle on the third design because I feel the colours are the most pleasing on the eye. I also chose this design over the first design with a traditional mouth because I think it makes the character appear more fly like.

The Treasure of the Temple

This is the final animation for "The Treasure of the Temple", my final third year project at university. Overall, I feel the animation is good overall, though I wish there had been more animation in the cartoon.

This is the final design of the temple guardian featured in the animation.

This design was influenced heavily by the anime style of characters, particularly villains such as "Majin Buu" from the "Dragonball Z" series.

This particular design took a few hours to finalize and I really enjoyed working on the character because villains, particularly in this style, are my favorite to design.