Monday, 26 June 2017

Character Design challenge!

I am still continuing to work on the project mentioned in the last post. However, I have also decided to take up a 31 day character design challenge. This is exactly how it sounds, I will design a new character each day. I am already 14 days into the challenge and I have started to find it difficult, you don't quite realise how often you repeat elements in your designs until you do a challenge like this. I have found that I've had to go out my comfort zone and draw character types that I normally don't do much of, non-anthropomorphic animals and female characters.

I will post my progress so far for now and will post another update with the final 17 designs.

Sunday, 11 June 2017

We have our new project!!

After some hours of work on coming up with a new storyline, we have developed the basic structure for our next animated project, currently named Meatballs at this early stage. We have developed character sheets for the main character (below) and have almost completed initial storyboards. Animation will begin within the next week.

Character sheet for the main character

Saturday, 10 June 2017

Bring on the next project!!

I have been meaning to log on and update the blog on my latest project which was completed shortly after the last post. Below we have the finished project, a 12 hour animation project that snowballed into a several week project.

I will be joining together with fellow animator Jon to work on another project tomorrow and so will strive to post as many updates here as I can. At this monent in time I have no idea what the next project could be as tomorrows meeting will be an idea session. I will post what we have decided in due course.