Monday, 18 March 2013

A Ninja Tale

 As mentioned in my previous post dedicated to "A Chessy Love Story" we was handed out another assessment that was to be completed in a period of only two weeks. This proved the biggest challenge for me as an animator, having always favoured 2D animation, and not ever feeling good at rigging and 3D character modelling.

So, for this assessment we were tasked with modelling and rigging a bi-pedal character, who we were then told to animate. I decided fairly early on that I wanted to create a ninja character, as he would be great to animate carrying out fast paced actions and stealth.

Overall, I am happy with the project considering how little time I had, and considering that I am wasn't overly confident modelling a character. I do feel though that I could produce much, much better animation with a little more time and without having to worry about rigging and modelling.

Our next project will be another character animation, though we have much more time and the option to work in 2D. I will most likely work in 2D for this assessment and have an idea involving a boy genius with a love for Vikings and a time machine. Inspired by Dexters Lab! More to follow.

Also I should add that the Academy Award winning director of Pixar's "Brave" Mark Andrews (pictured below) will be visiting the Glasgow School of Art soon. This will be great for our class, as well as for animators across Scotland in general who will get the opportunity to listen to his, no doubt, brilliant advice. I will post more about this great experience nearer the time.