Thursday, 10 January 2013

Finally!! My first showreel

I finally got around to making a showreel, which I have always postponed because I felt like I don't have enough material. But I finally decided to put one together with what I have to show, and will then add to it as I progress.

Overall, I know that my work still needs that "oomph" to really help me land a job in the field. However, that is why I'm putting myself through a Masters degree at my own expense. Being from Scotland, where most undergraduate courses are paid by another organisation, this step has been a big gamble financially, but I hope I may reap the benefits in the not-too-distant future.

We now have a week break in studies whilst the lecturer finalises our grades for the PG Certificate stage of the course. In this time I hope to finish work on the first scene of "Dog Daze" which I have continued to work on as a pet project and will get uploaded (hopefully) some time next week.

"Larry" Animatic

For this group project in our narrative class, we were tasked with creating an animatic for an animation, as though we were going to animate at a later stage. I personally worked on the firing scene at the bosses office up until Larry throws the flamingo's wine glasses away and also the drug-taking toilet scene. The other scenes were created by team mates Anthony Gallagher and Pooja Priolkar whilst Iain Symes-Marshall, Ariane Jackson and Henry Puspurs (sound students) were in charge of the sound.

Character Sketch that I did for Larry prior to starting the project. Initially Larry was going to be a sympathetic character, in which case the design would have been completely different. However, once we decided to make him a rude and obnoxious character, this design was settled upon.