Thursday, 11 February 2010

Character Design: The Symbol

Alter ego: Gordon Grayson
Age: Seventeen years old
Height: 6"2
Build: Gordon is a handsome and very well built lad, making him very popular with the girls at high school.

Family: Gordon lives with his parents, Francis and Michelle Grayson, on the east side of town. Unlike the rest of his friends, Gordon is an only child, and therefore doesn’t understand what it feels like to have brothers and sisters.

Gordon takes great enjoyment from his mathematics class and loves spending time with his girlfriend, Taylor Johnston.

Dislikes: There is not very much that Gordon doesn’t like as he is a very positive and optimistic person.

Attitude (in a phrase): "I will only use these powers to do good."

Quotes: "Randal, I'm sorry you were treated this way, but we can fix this."; "It looks as though we'll be busy for a while to come Scott."

Character: Gordon Grayson was just an average young man before the incident at Lab 14c. He made his way through high school with generally decent grades, had secured a place in university and had recently started dating the most beautiful girl in school. However, it was detail this that led to him being deeply hated by Randal Natos and caused the jealous nerd to create an explosion at the school lab in an attempt to kill Gordon.

The explosion resulted in Gordon gaining powers and subsequently changing his identity to The Symbol in order to protect his loved ones. Now that Randal has become Diablos and dedicated his
life to evil, Gordon has been forced to take a stand and to protect the city.

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