Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Yorb "Porn" Scene

In-between assessments for GSA, I've managed to produce a little bit more work on "Dog Daze." I initially ran into a bit of trouble with the scene, as I had originally created it in Toonboom Studio 4.0, but have since upgraded to 6.0 which messed up the audio files and render settings.

These are shots that I worked on today, taken from the when the main character Gary accidentally comes across some "porn" when flicking through the channels. I still have work to do on them which I may get finished this week before starting work on our Abstract Animation project.

The scene was originally inspired by a scene in a "Family Guy" episode named "And I'm Joyce Kinney" in which primary character Lois is revealed to have starred in an adult movie and screens it in church (See clip)

Below are my early sketches of the two "stars." My main inspiration for the male physique was a combination of real life research and anime style bodies (pictured) I decided to include the cigar as I felt it added to the overall sleaziness of the programme.

Characters from "Dragonball Z" helped influence body design.

I was never completely happy with the look of the female. I felt that her face was still a little too masculine looking (see below) Drawing the female form has always been a challenge for me and so I worked on it in order to make her more convincing. As well as real models, I looked at two particular Disney characters for the look of the female: Roxanne from "A Goofy Movie" and Ariel from "The Little Mermaid." What I was looking at in particular was their hair, as the curly style hair in my original design wasn't very pleasing or "sexy."

I found these images helpful in overcoming my problems with the character's hair.

Early design that was ultimately scrapped. I felt the body was looking better than some of my earlier concepts but the face wasn't feminine enough especially with the thick eyebrows.

Friday, 9 November 2012

Animation & Sound One: Hopper Project

Our first assessment in Animation & Sound One was to create a 3D representation of an Edward Hopper painting, with a choice between "Office at Night" and "Nighthawks." I chose "Office at Night" because I felt it offered more of a challenge. We were required to submit four renders of our final representation of the office. Below are the four renders that I submitted.


For creating the area that cannot be seen in the painting I decided to include a fireplace, which added to the overall warmth of the office. Overall I was rather happy with the outcome of the project, although I feel the final render could have better matched the painting. I overestimated the size of the office, which consequently meant that there was more space in the frame, unlike in the painting.

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Inception style BMW commercial.

University group project from last year. In the brief we were instructed to create a commercial for the BMW Coupe 3 Series in the style of the film Inception. My main duties during this project included animating the car in a number of the shots and some general modelling.