Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Assessment 2 Character Design: Perry Mckenzie

Full Name: Perry McKenzie
Description: Perry is a tall, intimidating fellow with a decent build and average fitness level. Perry is known for having the "Iron-Stomach of Govan" due to the fact that he can drink two bottles of Buckfast wine within fifteen seconds. He currently resides in a one bedroom flat in the heart of the Govan area in Glasgow, Scotland.

-Detailed Physical Description

Age: Nineteen
Distinguishing Features: Scar on his left cheek
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green
Weight: 185 lbs

-Character Traits

Key Character Traits: There are numerous different traits that Perry conveys through his actions and words. Firstly, he enjoys drinking alcohol (particularly Buckfast) and then going out onto the streets of Govan for a wee “scrap” with the Govan Young Team. In addition to this, Perry also swears regularly and could not imagine how he would get through life without calling the police ba****s.

What is the Principal Function of this Character?: Protagonist


What is the Goal of this Character?: To get as drunk as he possibly can, as often as he possibly can.

What is the Character's plan to achieve the goal?: By loading his fridge with his favourite alcoholic drinks (mainly Buckfast and bottles of Pulse) and getting steaming drunk.

-Character Background

Family Background: Perry moved out of his mothers home in Easterhouse when he was only seventeen. As he waited on the taxi that would take him to his new home, he stole his neighbours cat Mittens and promptly renamed him Crawford.

Habits/Vices: He has a number of chronic addictions such as his love of getting very drunk, taking Class A drugs and chain smoking.

Education: Perry has very little (if any) education, owing to the fact that he never paid attention in school and didn't appear for his standard grade exams, thus leaving school with no qualifications.

Personality: Perry swears a large amount and is very nasty towards those that are evidently different from him such as clever and/or well-dressed people.

Likes: He enjoys his Buckfast wine very much and is particularly happy when he receives his ‘giro.’

Dislikes: Perry is guaranteed to be furious if he does not receive his giro, and thus does not receive adequate funds for his Buckfast.

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