Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Assessment 2 Character Design: Crawford

Full Name: Crawford (Mittens)
Description: Crawford is a rather large, grey domestic cat. He has quite large pointed ears and is a little tubby, due to its slothful lifestyle.

-Detailed Physical Description

Age: Five
Distinguishing Features: Has only one front tooth
Hair: Grey
Eyes: Black
Height: 3"6
Weight: 60 lbs

-Character Traits

Key Character Traits: After having lived with Perry for the past two years, Crawford has gone from an outgoing, slender cat into a tubby slob.

What is the Principal Function of this Character?: Best friend


What is the Goal of this Character?: Initially, Crawfords goal was to escape from Perry and his ghastly flat. However, as time has slowly moved on, he has grown to love his new master and has adapted to his new environment. At this point, he just wants to live in peace with Perry and avoid being captured by another ned.

What is the Character's plan to achieve the goal?: By staying safely within the confines of the flat unless, of course, he is with Perry.

-Character Background

Family Background: He was originally purchased as a kitten from Dannie’s Pet shop in Easterhouse and had a generally decent upbringing for two years with the Blair family. This was until one sunny afternoon, however, when he was stretched on his lawn and Perry threw him into a rucksack.

Habits/Vices: Crawford spends far too much time watching television and snacking on Perry's leftover takeaways.

Education: None. He's a cat.

Personality: Crawford is quite a timid cat and tends to avoid going outside in Govan unless he is with Perry. He is also a very arrogant and very greedy little cat, who was used to his previous owners pampering.

Likes: He loves eating his masters leftovers, particularly fish suppers. Additionally, Crawford likes to just curl up and go to sleep on Perry's lap.

Dislikes: Crawford hates when he is told off by Perry and is quite an arrogant little cat.

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