Monday, 9 February 2009

Developing Characters: Animan & Cronos


Age: 74, due to him being of the Celus race, he ages at a slower rate than a human being, giving him the appearance of a man in his twenties.
Height: 5"11
Likes: Being alone with his thoughts, enjoys daily exercise, rescuing people from danger and when battling with his enemies- the stronger the better.
Dislikes: The killing of innocent creatures, Evil beings that plague the world and any kind of fast food.
Character: Animan is a bit of a loner by nature and tends to keep quiet unless he has something that is worth saying. He is also renowned for his ability to keep calm under extreme pressure. Animan's father fought and was killed in the 5th battle with Cronos, which occurred 50 years ago, when he was last released from the Millenia Jar. Fully aware of this, Animan is prepared to put his life on the line to attempt to destroy Cronos once and for all...


Age: 6,000 years old
Height: 7"1
Likes: Causing chaos throughout the world, being in a position of power and mercilessly killing weaker beings.

Dislikes: Being spoken to with a lack of respect, spending 1000 years at a time in the Millenia Jar, Justice and Rebel Alliances.
Character: Cronos once ruled over the earth with an iron fist, giving himself the title "High Emperor" in the process. However, due to the efforts of a highly skilled group of warrior rebels, he was imprisoned in a magical artifact known as the Millenia Jar. This special jar manages to keep the powerful entities strength under control. Its one drawback however, is that it releases the evil lord every 100o years, meaning that he has to be sealed inside again by a new generation. Unfortunately he has now broken free of and destroyed the jar, having spent only 50 years in it since his last imprisonment...


Animan is stood atop a cliff looking down over the city of Tahmari, which has been almost completely laid to waste, following an attack Cronos' evil minions. Animan cannot help but feel regret that he didn't get there in time to prevent it from happening, and his frustration is evident from the expression on his face. In his right hand is his trusty blade, named Kabello, which he had drawn from its scabbard upon hearing news of the attack from a merchant in the town of Renun. His trusty steed, named Aneeba, is moving around nearby.

A chilling voice breaks the silence, coming from behind Animan, who stands still before turning around to be greeted by the sight of Cronos. He doesn't appear to be surprised at the evil lords presence, as he enjoys trying to break Animans spirit by taunting him after each attack.

They briefly talk about the chaos that Cronos has been causing all over the world recently and Animan vows to destroy him, knowing full well that it would be futile to fight him at that moment.

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  1. Hey there! Excellent character and story analysis. I really like the tragedy set on the City of Tahmari. It would create a great scene of despair seeing it all lost. It also enforces the evil that is within Cronos. The imprisonment of him is great idea too.

    A very epic DbZ-esk style and they have a lot of character. I really like them and I really like the effort you have put into the costume designs. Excellent work all around. Can't wait to see more!

    Peter Satera