Friday, 20 February 2009

Character Design: Heckilson

Ok, thought I'd start off just by explaining this drawing a bit, I decided I would try to improve my drawing ability in different styles and that is how Heckilson was born! Also his close resemblance to the Joker was, at least at first, coincidental, but when I realised the similarities I used certain elements such as his hair and mouth.

Name: Elazar Fedstein
Age: 46
Religion: Jewish
Profession: At one time he was the president of his own successful company, now he is unemployed and instead murders people in the dead of night.

Background: Elazar was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma on September 29th, 1962. He met the love of his life, Dana Murphy, at the age of 23. Due to the fact that she was not Jewish, Elazars parents disowned him and until their death in 1995, Elazar never contacted them again.

In 2001, his beloved wife of 13 years was murdered and raped as she was coming home from work, and she was 6 months pregnant with Elazars child. Understandably he was heartbroken, but he was pushed over the edge when the men responsible were found not guilty. To add to his troubles, stock in his company hit rock bottom and he felt forced to abandon it as debt built up. Feeling there was no more justice in the world he became Heckilson, a revenge driven clown. He stalks the streets at night, murdering people that he dubs "unworthy" of being alive, when his wife and unborn child were so cruelly taken.

Heckilson doesn't see himself as evil, but simply doing the world a favour...

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