Wednesday, 12 March 2014

First Mate Arceus Firion

It has well and truly been a while since I last logged in to express my thoughts and to update the blog to reflect what I have been up to. However I'm here now, and have quite a lot of information to get through. First off, at the end of the last blog post in January, I stated that I would be going back to the new "Gump & Gil" cartoon and have it finished sometime the following week. I finished the two scenes that I had been working on and once again put the episode on hold as more important stuff came to my attention.

Since my last post, I have managed to secure some upcoming studio experience in an animation production company named "Touzie Tyke" based in Film City, Glasgow, and will soon be working on some commercial adverts for a well known power company, if things go to plan. 

I have also managed to get some animation work on an independent movie through my contacts at Smudge Digital, also located in Glasgow. I have already started some animation tests for the aforementioned movie, which I will share on the blog at a later date. 

My most recent work has been another character design, a character from the same pirate universe as the last one.

Next on the agenda for me will be to finish the animation tests for the movie that I mentioned and will also be creating some test work for the adverts for Touzie Tyke. I will also try to do another character design during this period, as it really helps me to unwind after animating.

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