Thursday, 7 November 2013

Time to step up and be more professional!

Having started to focus on my animation again, I have decided to switch Youtube accounts to a newer, more professional account. I wish I'd been able to change my less-than-professional username on Youtube, and this could all have been avoided. I felt it best to change things now before I start looking for work, just to be safe.

Link to my new Youtube channel:

It has been all about change this month for sure, I have also changed my email address to be more professional. This, coupled with the fact that I've also changed my phone number pretty much makes my business cards absolutely useless. Might change my name too... Hercules Skywalker perhaps?

I have also decided that it is about time that I created my own website to help showcase my work. My blog has been very useful, and will continue to use it to release my thoughts. However, I feel that I need a site to help show, not only my animation skills, but also modelling, digital drawing and character designs. I will begin work on that very shortly and post the link onto the blog.

First though, I am going to start work on my demo reel, that will showcase all the different work I have produced since the turn of the year. Wow! I have so much to do.

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