Thursday, 10 January 2013

Finally!! My first showreel

I finally got around to making a showreel, which I have always postponed because I felt like I don't have enough material. But I finally decided to put one together with what I have to show, and will then add to it as I progress.

Overall, I know that my work still needs that "oomph" to really help me land a job in the field. However, that is why I'm putting myself through a Masters degree at my own expense. Being from Scotland, where most undergraduate courses are paid by another organisation, this step has been a big gamble financially, but I hope I may reap the benefits in the not-too-distant future.

We now have a week break in studies whilst the lecturer finalises our grades for the PG Certificate stage of the course. In this time I hope to finish work on the first scene of "Dog Daze" which I have continued to work on as a pet project and will get uploaded (hopefully) some time next week.

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