Friday, 31 August 2012

Storyboard images for Scene One

Gary watches his television intently.

 Gary looks around angrily for any flies.

He glances towards his table at his bug spray.

POV shot of the bug spray, a callback to episode one.

Gary closes his eyes and begins to sleep.

Suddenly a barking begins from outside Gary's house.

He turns towards the window and growls.

This is the first scene in "Dog Daze," which I will be starting work on soon. Originally, I had intended the scene to begin with a voice-over from Gary as he read a book (A Tale of Two Cities), which was then interrupted by the barking of the dog. However, this was against my original idea of the character being mute, and therefore, I decided to cut it. I will begin working on this scene after I have colored the establishing shot, and sorted the camera on said shot.

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