Monday, 2 March 2009

Character Design: Kitangus Bao Jun

Also Known As: Kit
Age: Twenty-nine years old
Height: 5"9

Build: Kit has quite a small build, which contrasts his actual strength which far exceeds what you would expect of him. When a situation arises where brute strength is essential, Kit can use a Yan Monk spell named "Vivanate" to increase his size tenfold. However, Kit is strongly against using it unless the situation appears to be hopeless, because he can barely control his actions when in this form.

Family: Kit was discovered as an infant outside the Rusin Cathedral by Father Elias. It was clear that his birth mother had abandoned him, and so he was taken in and raised under the supervision of the Yan Monks.

Likes: Kit enjoys spending time alone to meditate and hone his abilities in order to become stronger, as opposed to actually partaking in real battles. Additionally, Kit enjoys reading, writing, fishing and painting which is often questioned by L.V. who cannot understand Kit's compassion for these hobbies.

Dislikes: Kit dislikes too much noise surrounding him, which creates a rift between L.V. and himself because of the formers loud and vocal nature. Just like L.V. Kit Despises the Foxes, but not to the same extent and has a much greater hatred for the Frog Tribe from which he descends, particularly the one known as Rathius Drake for personal reasons.

Attitude (in a phrase): "No. I do not fight unless I feel the need to, such is the way of a Yan Monk."
Quotes: "The world is but a chessboard and we, the pieces...and eventually the game must draw to a close...Only one side victorious"; "Very well I shall accept your challenge, but I must warn you...I will hold nothing back."

Character: Life growing up in the Rusin Cathedral proved very tough but also rewarding for Kitangus. His superiors noted how quickly his power advanced as he learned more and more Yan Monk abilities. Learning the Vivante technique at the age of twenty-five proved to the Monks he had great potential, as he was, by far, the youngest person to ever learn the technique. Kit looked as though he may soon have got to grips with controlling the Vivante, but fate it seems had different plans for him.

Rathius Drake, a warrior from the Frog Tribe from which Kit descended, visited him at Rusin Cathedral and struck up a friendship with the gullible Monk. Kit secretly showed Rathius around the cathedral over the following weeks (knowing fully that only Yan Monks are permitted to enter its hallowed ground.) and believed he had finally found someone to be his friend.

However, Rathius was revealed to be scouting for easy attack routes into the cathedral when the Frog Tribe launched a full assault on Rusin. The Monks managed to drive the Frog Warriors away but suffered many casualties, including Father Elias who treated Kit as though he were his own son. Kit was soon exiled when they discovered his involvement in the whole affair and feeling betrayed and brokenhearten, he travelled the world. This was when he met L.V....

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